MTA was founded with the aim of working towards the professional recognition of Therapeutic Massage Therapy in South Africa.

Recent Articles

2014 -Research: The way to mow down massage misconceptions

By Erika Kruger Building and maintaining ones own practice can become an all-consuming activity revolving around the business aspects thereof. This often leaves very little time to stay abreast of the latest research in the massage field. Professional bodies offset this dilemma by managing compulsory continued professional development programmes and the launch of such a programme by the Allied...

2014 – Oncology Massage: What to look out for when treating a cancer patient

By Heidi Rohr Oncology massage, also known as Cancer massage, is still believed to be taboo. Cancer, for me as a massage therapist, has always been a big no-no as I feared that massage therapy would cause the cancer to metastasise throughout the body. But I think my major fear was simply the disease itself. In the last year...

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