We were formerly known as the Holistic Massage Practitioners Association. We were founded in 1989 with the aim of working towards the professional recognition of Therapeutic Massage Therapy in South Africa.

MTA is:

  • Managed by an annually elected Committee
  • A non-profit making organisation
  • In possession of its own Constitution, Code of Ethics and Conditions of Membership to govern the conduct of its members.
  • To date, the only professional association representing the interests of Therapeutic Massage Therapists in South Africa.

The aims of MTA are:

  • Assisting and motivating massage therapists to register with the AHPCSA.
  • Providing support for members in all aspects of their profession.
  • Liaising with the AHPCSA to ensure fair representation for members.
  • Providing continued educational programmes in the field of Therapeutic Massage Therapy.
  • Ensuring professional educational and training standards.
  • Promoting the profession to other health professions and the public.
  • Grooming future leaders in the profession.
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To date MTA has:

  • Developed uniform standards, codes of practice and conduct to encourage professionalism and unity amoungst Therapeutic Massage Therapists.
  • Raised the profile of Therapeutic Massage Therapy amongst the health professions, the public and the government departments.
  • Negotiated with the Chiropractors, Homeopaths and Allied Health Services Professions Interim Council on behalf of Therapeutic Massage Therapists in South Africa.
  • Successfully lobbied for the registration of Therapeutic Massage Therapy as a statutory recognised profession.
  • Participated in the rewriting of the amended Allied Health Professions Act No. 63 of 1982 to protect the interests of Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Massage Therapists.

 The function of MTA is to uphold and further the interests of registered Therapeutic Massage Therapists in South Africa.