To practice Therapeutic Massage Therapy (TMT) in South Africa one is legally required to be registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA). It, therefore, follows that any training that is undertaken needs to be such as to permit registration.

Training Requirements

Currently, training comprises a two-year diploma course in TMT, which includes subjects of anatomy, physiology, pathology, pathophysiology, theory of therapeutic massage, therapeutic massage practical as well as the additional subjects of business skills, nutrition, counselling and jurisprudence.

Registration With AHPCSA Upon graduation and prior to the commencement of professional practice, registration with the AHPCSA is required.
Training Institutions For contact details of training institutions in South Africa, contact the AHPCSA or view list of accredited schools via the link under Therapeutic Massage Therapy. Approved Schools List in Cape Town
AHPCSA Contact Details Private Bag X28, Lynwood, 0040 Tel: 012 349 2331 Fax: 012 349 2327

Important Note

It should be noted that it is not the name Therapeutic Massage Therapy that is registered but the practice of the profession. So, whether one calls it holistic massage therapy, relaxation massage therapy or sports massage therapy (to give just a few examples), they all fall under the umbrella of Therapeutic Massage Therapy and the legislation that governs a registered health profession. It should further be noted that Aromatherapy and Reflexology are not types of therapeutic massage therapy but registered health professions in their own right.

Short Courses, Workshops, etc

For information on short courses, workshops, etc please visit the Workshops section.