The following Medical Aids have opted to reimburse for treatment:

  • Medihelp Medical Scheme
  • Discovery Health Medical Scheme (plans with savings account)
  • Bankmed Medical Scheme (plans with savings account)
  • LA Health  (plans with savings account)
  • Quantum Medical Scheme (plans with savings account)
  • Remedi Medical Scheme (Comprehensive Plan)
  • Tsogo Medical Scheme (plans with savings account)
  • UKZN plan types with savings account

As long as you belong to one of the above listed medical aids and have an MSA available. However please always double check with your service provider.

Please ask your service provider.

A benefit of being a MTASA member, the association provides you with the relevant information required for drawing up Invoices/ Statements for patients.

MTASA will provide new members with:

  • TMT procedure codes
  • ICD10 codes
  • Information on how to draw up Invoices
  • This all comes in a form of a booklet

Historical Press Release from 2018


Therapeutic Massage Therapy (TMT) has officially joined the ranks of those medical and complementary health professions whose services may be reimbursed by medical aid schemes. The Board of Healthcare Funders’ South Africa (BHFSA) recently announced its intention to issue practice numbers to TM therapists who are registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA). Although the process of negotiating tariff codes with the Council on Medical Schemes and recognition with individual medical aids for payment of TMT treatments is still to be undertaken by the Massage Therapy Association of South Africa (MTA) on behalf of the therapists, this announcement is another important milestone on this profession’s road to full integration in the South African national healthcare system.

“ TMT has in the past often been considered part of the leisure and recreation sector – something one does for a treat, to be pampered,“ explains Ms Sandra Williams, chairperson of MTA (2018). “As a result, the important role TMT can play in treating a wide variety of conditions and its role in preventing the development of musculoskeletal and other workplace-related conditions, has been overlooked by the public as well as the healthcare fraternity.”

According to Ms Williams, BHFSA’s decision to issue TM therapists with PR numbers is a clear sign that TMT is considered a relevant, viable and safe treatment option for patients. “It indicates trust in the efficacy, integrity and accountability of the profession as well as the training of future therapists.”