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MTASA works tirelessly to keep up to date with the latest developments in TMT and related professions, and to promote Therapeutic Massage Therapy among the general public. In addition, we provide a supportive community of registered therapists who are running practices throughout South Africa.

The association has created several platforms for members to communicate with one another, bringing together a network of qualified professionals to assist and support one another in their unique professional challenges, which proved to be beneficial through the Covid Pandemic,

The scope for growth of knowledge for a TMT is huge. There are so many areas of special interest you can explore through research or participation in Continued Professional Development (CPD) , to hone your skills. One of the roles of MTASA is to facilitate and promote CPD by holding regular workshops for our members.

MTASA assists its members with the medical aid processes, providing members with the procedure codes and assists on how to register with the Board of Healthcare Funders to obtain their practice numbers.

 MTASA communicates any relevant information to and from the AHPCSA to its members. If a member is not certain regarding a specific AHPCSA regulation they can approach the committee regarding this matter for clarification and/or, MTASA will address the matter with the council on their behalf.

It is a pre-requisite that the applicants and the members are registered with the AHPCSA. Should the applicant have any queries regarding this process, please feel free to contact MTASA.

Whether you are just starting your massage career or are running a well-established practice on your own or with other therapists, you’re faced with unique professional challenges. By joining MTASA you will have the collective power and experience of MTASA and its members supporting you. MTASA is working to promote greater awareness of the profession and to advance the profession by focusing time and resources to uphold professional standards, and most importantly, in helping you build and enhance your career, every step of the way.  The most important benefit of becoming a member is the opportunity to speak and be heard on matters affecting you and your profession.

  • Assist members to obtain CEUs for their 2-year CPD which runs from 1st January- 31st December
  • Extensive referral system, a national service that helps you expand your reach
  • A network of like-minded therapists who are here to support one another in our unique challenges as a therapist
  • Inclusion on our therapist’s Whatsapp group for staying up to date and asking pertinent questions to your peers
  • Individual listing on our “Find a therapist” feature on our website that helps new potential patients find you
  • Assistance with your initial setup and understanding with Invoicing for Medical Aids and ICD-10 & TMT Procedure Codes
  • Subscription to our email newsletter “Massage SA”, which will keep you up to date with the happenings in the massage profession and upcoming regular, high quality, affordable workshops and/or continued professional development courses
  • Receiving notifications on job opportunities
  • A subscription to our “In Touch” online massage journal, the official voice of MTA, full of interesting articles written by massage therapists for massage therapists.
  • .Access to the Association’s Resource Centre
  • Opportunities for involvement in Community Service Programmes.
  • Assistance in Research Projects

Membership Categories

Full Member
Student Member
Associate Member

Membership Fees – New members

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Membership Fees for 2024
We would like to remind all members that Shackleton Risk Management (the broker) and Genoa Underwriting Manager (the underwriter) are the preferred medical malpractice insurance supplier of the MTASA

By way of introduction, Shackleton Risk Management is a specialist liability brokerage with offices throughout the country. In association with Genoa Underwriting Managers, they have put together a bespoke Medical Malpractice Product which caters for the needs of thousands of medical practitioners countrywide.

Genoa is the trusted underwriter of many prominent Associations and offers a number of innovative insurance extensions to their product, such as:

Access to highly competitive premiums (as outlined below) **

  • Access to a country first Forensic Audit cover
  • Access to an online CPD portal that includes both ethics and clinical CPD
  • 24/7 access to in-house medico-legal advisors and attorneys
  • Premium holidays are offered for things like maternity leave, sabbaticals etc
  • Fidelity Guarantee insurance which protects members against theft of their business account funds.


For more information, please contact medmal@srisk.co.za
Alternatively, give them a call on 011 784 5373 and speak to Tenielle Kent

Currently training comprises of a two-year diploma course in Therapeutic Massage Therapy at an AHPCSA accredited school.

  • Registration with the AHPCSA upon graduation and prior to the commencement of professional practice, registration with the AHPCSA is required
  • For details of training institutions in South Africa, contact the AHPCSA or view the list of accredited schools via the link under Therapeutic Massage Therapy
  • AHPCSA Contact Details :
    Private Bag X28
    Tel: +27 12 349 2331

Registration With AHPCSA Upon graduation and prior to the commencement of professional practice, registration with the AHPCSA is required.

For details of training institutions in South Africa, contact the AHPCSA or view list of accredited schools via the link under Therapeutic Massage Therapy.

AHPCSA Contact Details: Private Bag X28 Lynwood 0040 Tel: +27 12 349 2331 Fax: +27 86 507-4092 Email:info@ahpcsa.co.za Website:www.ahpcsa.co.za